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Whether it’s paying invoices in a foreign currency or receiving international payments, Tempus wants to protect your business’ profits. And we have the flexible tools and unparalleled market insight to do just that.

Since 1999, Tempus has provided corporate clients with the best foreign currency exchange and international payment solutions in the industry. Find out why our customers keep coming back.

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Bloomberg Ranks Tempus as the
#1 Overall Accuracy Forecaster for G10 Currencies for Q1 & Q2 2017

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Global Business Payment Solutions

In 3 steps, Tempus makes international FX payments simple, effective, and convenient. With over 2,000 dedicated professionals serving more than 40,000 clients globally, our diligent dealers work to understand every aspect of your business and offer customized solutions that are cost-effective with competitive rates.

Make global payments via online, email, phone, or fax in over 130 currencies, with same-day and next-day options, and convenient online tracking through Tempus Online.

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